We offer much more than
tax returns and bookkeeping

Accounting to help your business prosper

Centenary Tax Accountants are a proactive and forward thinking team of accounting professionals and business advisors, located in the South-Western suburbs of Brisbane.

Our Core Services


Centenary Tax Accountants provides a full suite of accounting services for an ever-growing number of SME’s in Brisbane.

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Superannuation and Pensions

Centenary Tax Accountants is an independent advisor, with your best interests at heart.

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Tax Minimisation

A good tax accountant can save you a small fortune by helping you to legally and sensibly minimise your tax.

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Profit Optimisation

In order to optimise your business’s profits, getting the most out of your resources available is key

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Business Advice

Are you looking to purchase a new business and are unsure if the price the seller is asking is fair?

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Who We Are

Our aim is to assist local SME business owners in building a stronger, more profitable business. For over three decades, we’ve walked hand-in-hand with an ever-growing number of local businesses, guiding them to become more confident, knowledgeable, successful and profitable.

Lismore GP Super Clinic came to be with the assistance and guidance provided by Centenary Tax Accountants. Peter, Chris and their staff guided the company through a maze of difficult government funding application criteria, cashflow projections, accounting issues, ATO compliance requirements coupled with yearly audit acquittals and financial accounts. Their patience and perseverance in working through issues to come up with logical and cost effective solutions has stood our company in good stead over the past 4 years.


Ken Stockley & John Brice Lismore GP Super Clinic Pty Ltd